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Thane: Beauty versus the Progressive Development

Thane is one of the growing metropolitan cities in the neighborhood of the old Mumbai and the Navi Mumbai. This city is developing rapidly compared to any city in the whole of India. But, the development had a heavy toll on Thane. In fact, it has a heavy toll everywhere, but I think here we must focus on what Thane lost on the way to development.

As I have said in few earlier posts here and there that Thane is filled with projects and astonishing infrastructure, lush greenery and around 30 lakes. Well, projects and infrastructure—25 points each, next greenery—25 points and last but not the least; lakes are failing.

Lakes in Crisis!!!

Few of the lakes which are affected widely are:

Jogila Lake: This lake was extinct due to land mafias and heavy dumping. But TMC had plans to revive the lake. The TMC is planning to revive all the lost lakes.

Amba-Ghosale Lake: The sister lakes of Thane. The lake is covered by slums created from disposing of garbage shortening the lake’s length. The rise of the builders and constructions have destroyed the lake.

Kholset Lake: In this lake pH value was too high than the prescribed limits when the pollution control department did a survey. The pollutants in here caused less oxygen available which affected marine life in the lake.

Siddeshwar Lake: A four and a half feet tall, eighth-century statue of Brahma was found here on the banks deserted since the municipal corporation dredged it up in 1995. As per the pollution control department survey, this lake has the highest reading of pollutants. As per the experts, a high level of metals (pollutants) could produce water weeds that could easily blow the growth of vegetation in the area.

Masunda Lake aka TalaoPali:TalaoPali is one of the lakes that were almost extinct is now back to regenerate the strollers after the TMC took precautions and beautified the lake.

MilindVerma, a resident of Thane who visits the lakes frequently with friends or family for a stroll is now glad that the lake has been restored. He is happy knowing that TMC is taking the role seriously and is restoring the lake and lessening the polluting elements in them.

Activists have claimed the administration has been looking away for a while but now they have started few curative measures and are keeping the biodiversity intact by adding oxygen into the lakes. This looks like the city of lakes will not be losing its any lakes soon, thanks to TMC and its citizens’ joint efforts.

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