Thane City

Why is Thane called the city of Lakes?

Thane- the city of lakes has about 30 lakes scattered in the city. They add a grand pristine beauty to the city and giving it a historical importance and religious prominence. More the time you spent in the city, the more you will fall in love with this charming place.

Listing down a few famous lakes in Thane for the readers.

Upavan Lake:The most happening lake in the city which is a spot for all kinds of activities like Joggers spot for joggers of every age, lovers spot for romantic couples from every part of the city, tourist spot for tourists from everywhere, music festival spot for music lovers and art festival spot for art lovers.  The lake lies near to the Yeoor range. Activities conducted over here attract lots and lots of people.

Once upon a time, the area was a huge jungle. With time and development, the natural jungle reduced to be replaced by the concrete one. The ambience becomes incredibly wonderful during the rains.
The Ganesh temple by the side of this lake is worth visiting for its positive energy radiance and ambience.

Masunda Lake famously also known as TalaoPali: With Kopineshwar Temple on one side and St. John Church which was built sometime in 1579 on the other, and a Hanuman Temple in middle of the lake, speaks out the lake’s majestic gesture. Horse riding, boating, small carnivals, vendors selling BhelPuri and PaaniPuriare some of the activities that give this place an enticing nature. And in rainy, the lake overflows with water rushing outside.

Jail Lake: Originally known as Castle Tank, it came to be known as the Jail Lake as it lies in a close proximity of the legendary Thane Jail. There is also St. James Church opposite the lake. With its calm soothing breeze, the lake is a stress-releaser for all those who come near it. Thane prison was once a fort whose construction began in 1730 AD as per the TMC until in 1857 it became a district jail. A contemporary artist ChintanUpadhay and brother of Dawood Ibrahim, IqbalKaskarare among almost 3200 inmates.

Siddeshwar Lake: Located in the middle of the Khopat region, the lake derived its name from the nearby SiddeshwarMandir. On the banks, a-four-and-a-half feet tall, a rare eighth-century statue of Brahma was found here neglected after the Municipal Corporation scooped it out in 1995. Siddheshwar Lake in Thane is 30 km from Mumbai. Once the pride capital of the Shilahar dynasty and rulers of the Konkan kingdom until the 12th century when they were overwhelmed by Chalukya is now overtaken by builders and their constructions. The builders stay tight-lipped in fear of losing their land under the Protection of Ancient Monuments Act. Thane was one of the places that came in the North Konkan branch of Shilahar dynasty.

Did you know: There are only four to five of these statues in the entire country.

Ambe-Ghosale Lake: Received its name from two sisters. One is extinct and the other still exists. AmbeGhosale Lake is located near Castle Mill. Recreational activities are taking place in the lake with some stalls. This lake extends till the end which is covered by slums created from dumping garbage cutting its length short. There’s a paved path for those who like to walk in its serene & pristine charm. There are ducks also in this lake. Once a floating hotel named Abhiruchi stood here, giving the lake a nickname ‘Abhiruchi Lake’.

There are 30+ such lakes lying scattered all over the city, attracting many tourists from far and near each day as cool picnic spots and hangouts. The serenity and unblemished lakes release a great charm over the city but are we protecting these lakes from becoming extinct because of our greed for re-development.

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